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Security Guard Services That Can Benefit Any Business

A security guard’s back.

Better safe than sorry. There were more than 22,000 robberies in 2018 in Canada. That's one every thirty minutes. You need to remain vigilant at all hours. To do that, you're going to need help. Hire someone who can watch your business when you can't. Security guard services are affordable and effective. Here is a quick guide to the benefits of having a security guard at your business.

The Responsibilities of a Security Guard Security guards in Alberta are required to have a license. Guards are trained to understand the legal system, execute a response plan, and communicate with law enforcement. On the job, security guards have several responsibilities. Security guards monitor closed-circuit television cameras in "static security." One guard monitors the feeds, while another guard remains on patrol. Security guards perform audits of your current security systems. They will test your camera and alarm systems. They will test out your doors and windows, and they will make suggestions if they need renovations. Guards control crowds for you. They maintain lines and remove troublemakers. They can detain criminals until the police arrive. In the event of an emergency, guards protect crime scenes. They take notes and photographs of what was damaged or stolen. Guards also receive first-aid training, so they can help anyone who is injured. Security Guard Services for Your Business Based on their responsibilities, security guard services are adaptable for any business. Bars and nightclubs are hot spots for potential trouble. Alcohol leads to violence and theft. A patrolling security guard team maintains order and detains troublemakers for the authorities. Thieves often steal tools and appliances from construction sites. A security guard on static security monitors entry and exit points. A security guard on active patrol confronts thieves and returns your property to you. Hospitals see many people come and go. People can become agitated and lash out. Security guards calm angry people and help them exit the building. Building Your Brand Security guard services can also build your business's brand. People want to shop where they feel safe. Security guards put people at ease. Security guards can provide customer service. They can direct shoppers to departments, and they can assist with carrying heavy items. They will point out leaking pipes and burnt lightbulbs to you, taking care of your facilities. You can ask your guards to wear your company's uniform. Customers will see efficient professionals wearing your company's name. They will associate professionalism with your company, building positive brand recognition. Build a Safe and Sound Business Safety is your top priority. Hire security guard services that will ensure your safety. Security guards monitor video feeds, patrol grounds, and control large crowds. Businesses with high traffic need guards to maintain order. Businesses that operate at night need guards to monitor entry and exit points. At Calgary Security Services, we customize our services to meet your needs. We conduct an audit to see what your business needs, then we provide full-coverage security. We are vigilant so you can run your business without worry. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your security needs.


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