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Reliable Construction Site Security Services in Calgary

Are you worried about the security of your construction site? Are you in need of security for overnight? If so, count on Calgary Security Services. We have been providing personalized security services to our clients for over 20 years.  Our security guards are well-trained to protect your expensive equipment, attendees, and vendors. We strive to keep your construction site safe and secured against suspicious activities. Count on us for construction site security services in Calgary.

Customized Security Solutions

Construction sites are bustling; construction crews, engineers, site owners and tenants can all visit, making any construction site a busy place with lots of people coming and going. It can be hard to keep track of them all. As night falls, these same construction sites can be empty and particularly vulnerable to theft and vandalism if left unprotected. Protect your property by investing in security guard services. Luckily, Calgary Security Services Ltd. offers complete construction site security in Calgary. No matter the requirements, you can expect the best from our team of trained security professionals.


We can provide you with complete end to end security solutions customized to suit your specific needs. Our team can assist you with ideal security alternatives for your commercial premises. Over the years, we have designed customized security solutions for clients across Calgary. We can provide you with specialized mobile patrolling services and security personnel in Calgary to safeguard and protect your construction site. Call us to learn more about our services.

Safeguard Your Equipment, Tools & Raw Materials with Onsite Security

Theft and vandalism at construction sites can happen at any hour of the day or night. At Calgary Security Services, we offer 24/7 construction site security in Calgary, giving you peace of mind at all times. With the influx of people at construction sites, theft of raw materials can often go unnoticed, leaving you to spend money out of the project budget to replace them. During the quiet nighttime hours when all workers have left, unsecured tools and equipment could become a prime target for thieves if your site is left unprotected.


Regardless of the size of your construction site, we can provide you with complete security solutions for your construction site in Calgary. With our efficient and vigilant security professionals, you can be assured that your construction site will be completely protected against the threat of theft or robbery. Securing your construction site with reliable security personnel can also pose a substantial deterrent for criminals. Call us to know more about our security services.

24 Hour Onsite Surveillance

In recent years, thefts at construction sites have become more and more common. No company wants to spend extra money replacing machinery, equipment or materials that have been stolen. Often there isn’t money in the budget for such things. Employing security guards to protect your construction site in Calgary will deter criminals and is one of the most effective ways of preventing theft. Typically the cost of hiring a security team to patrol the site is far less expensive than replacing stolen items. Take a proactive step and hire the services of Calgary Security Services. Our team will ensure your materials, equipment and tools are protected with 24 hour surveillance.


Helping you Secure your Construction Site

The machinery and construction equipment on a construction site is costly and of great value. Securing and safeguarding your construction site is essential to prevent loss or theft. We can provide you with complete security solutions after assessing your specific needs. Based upon your construction project's scale and the size of the site, we can provide you with vigilant security professionals and patrol services in Calgary.


Minimize Potential Risks and Liability

Valuable construction materials, such as metal fittings and installations, timber logs, and other expensive fixtures, are often stored on the construction site itself to facilitate ease and efficiency on the construction site. It is not possible to move the material to a secure location now and then. Therefore, with our expert security services, we can provide you with complete security and safety of your men and material most efficiently and cost-effectively.


With Calgary Security Services, professional construction site security in Calgary has never been easier or more specialized to your needs. We offer professional monitoring 24/7, helping you track worker productivity, inventory and site materials effortlessly.

Protect Your Calgary Job Site with Construction Site Security

Construction sites are work areas vulnerable to many types of problems. Depending on the project, the tools, equipment and machinery, it can all be worth thousands of dollars. If you want an onsite security guard for your building area, contact Calgary Security Services. We are pleased to provide professional and reliable construction site security to job sites throughout the Calgary area. We also offer uniformed/mobile guard services and location security audits

Call us today to learn more about our complete array of construction site surveillance services. For more information or if you have questions, you can also fill out our online form.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we have provided expert security solutions to clients across Calgary for their residential and commercial establishments. We have created a notable name for ourselves as one of Calgary's most trusted construction site security companies. Our vast clientele across the city bears resounding testimony to the efficiency of our services. Call us to learn more about our security services for construction sites.

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