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Schedule a Physical Security Audit in Calgary

Do you ever wonder if your property is truly secure? With years of experience offering security solutions to individuals, organizations and businesses, 

Calgary Security Services Ltd. can help safeguard your property, protect your belongings and lower your overall liability. We can assist you in scheduling a

physical security audit in Calgary for your property. We live in an era of global growth and technological advancement. Cyber security threats such as hacking, phishing and social engineering are considered critical. But, there are several physical security threats that individuals and organizations face every day.

Some of these include theft and burglary, malicious insiders, vandalism, service or utility interruptions, etc. You must take some time to evaluate these risks to craft the appropriate counter-measures.

Security Reviews for Calgary

Organizations these days should adopt physical security programs to protect their assets, including people and hardware. Regular patrolling by security guards and stationing them at a building’s point of entry are strong visual deterrents for criminal behavior.

Choosing a security audit in Calgary can lessen the chance of corporate espionage, criminal activity, terrorism, vandalism, or civil litigation.

Secure Your Calgary Property

You can get in touch with us for a comprehensive evaluation of all security systems and controls of your property. Our security professional will visit your property and fully inspect the entrances, exits and vulnerable points to help you understand the security challenges and strengths of your property. We’ve helped secure construction sites, office buildings and even high rises, a true testament to our insight.

For more than a decade, we have been conducting security audits in Calgary for buildings, businesses, and organizations. Our security officers are well-trained to provide prompt response while dealing with all your security concerns. Our physical security audits in Calgary can help protect you and your business or organization from:

Criminal activity
Civil litigation
Corporate espionage

Hire Trained Security Guards 

At Calgary Security Services, we provide you with experienced security guards to protect your residence or business from all kinds of threats. We understand that no two companies or events have the same security requirements. Our guards are fully trained to handle any situation that may arise at your property. All of our personnel are licensed in Calgary and undergo security training required by the Province of Alberta Security Service and Investigators Act.

Customize Your Security Services

We offer personalized security services based on your requirements. Depending on your needs, you can select mobile security, static security, or a combination of both. Our onsite security officers use high-profile vehicles furnished with high-tech equipment for patrolling. We are committed to keeping you and your employees safe. No matter what your individual security concerns may be, Calgary Security Services offers peace of mind and knowledgeable security insight. With 24 hour services, you are protected at all hours of the day and night.

Eliminate risk, lower liability and feel more secure when you choose Calgary Security Services. Contact us to book an appointment!

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