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The Responsibilities of a Security Guard

security guard

You may have seen portrayals of security guards on television or in the movies. What you may not know, however, is that real security guard work bears little resemblance to how it’s portrayed in the media. In Calgary, for instance, every security guard must be rigorously trained and be licensed by the government in order to work in the security and surveillance industry. At Calgary Security Services Ltd., we make sure that our guards are continuously kept up-to-date on the latest security technologies and techniques so our customers can have peace of mind that their lives and property are protected. Here are just a few of the typical responsibilities of a security guard in Calgary:

Preventative Responsibilities of a Security Guard While there are a lot of ways a security guard can help keep your property and life safe, they aren’t Calgary police officers. They’re not allowed to apprehend criminals and enforce laws. The goal of a security guard, in fact, is to make sure the police don’t need to be called at all. The majority of a security guard’s responsibilities are aimed at preventing crime from occurring rather than dealing with criminals after the fact. In many cases, simply having security guards visible on your property is enough to dissuade criminals from attempting anything. Some additional preventative measures they can implement include:

  • Maintaining and monitoring closed circuit TV cameras and other security technologies (also known as “static security”)

  • Patrolling your property to maintain order

  • Performing security audits of your current security systems and procedures

  • Controlling crowds at events to prevent incidents from occurring

Active Responsibilities of a Security Guard Although preventative measures are usually enough to protect you, sometimes things do happen. In that case, security guards take a more active role. Some of the more common active responsibilities of an average security guard in Calgary include:

  • Pacifying unruly or potentially violent people on your property within the limits of the law

  • Controlling and protecting crime scenes in the event of a criminal act

  • Providing first aid if accidents or injuries occur

  • Reporting any accidents or criminal activity to the police in a complete and efficient way

Every security guard at Calgary Security Services Ltd. takes pride in his or her work. We offer construction site security, special event security, as well as uniformed and static security services so we can construct unique security solutions to fit your needs. Contact us today to find out how a security guard can help you protect your property in Calgary.


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