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Why Do Apartment Buildings Need Security Patrol Services?

a security guard sitting in the car while reviewing her notes.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, some interesting crime trends are occurring in Calgary. In 2020, homicides increased by 28%, while shootings spiked by 26%. At the same time, property crimes were down 16% over the same period. Also, violent crime decreased by 11%. Public officials are unsure why homicides are up so much, yet violent crime is trending down. The best course of action as a property manager during these uncertain times is to hire security patrol services to ensure residents' safety. Read on to learn how mobile security guards can deter crime and make your tenants feel safe.

Safer Property Ensuring the safety of your residents is one of the most important aspects of property management. If the apartment complex has a poor reputation for safety, it will be difficult to fill vacancies. Residential security guards are trained professionals who can spot suspicious behaviour before a crime arises. The guards are trained to respond to the situation quickly, assess threat levels, and take action based on their evaluation. This may include addressing the problem directly or contacting the local authorities for backup. Discourage Crime The mere presence of residential security guards discourages crime. Criminals and gang members are less likely to gather in areas with a security presence. In one experiment, the presence of security agents reduced victim-generated crimes by 16%. It also increased the identification of crimes and suspects. This occurred because security guards promptly notified the police of criminal activity. Loiters Monitoring the apartment’s property is one of the core functions of residential security guards. They drive by the various buildings in the complex and make sure everything is safe. Young adults and teenagers are less likely to loiter and abuse the laws with a security presence. Apartment break-ins are less likely with security guards driving by and observing property. Why Do Apartment Buildings Need Security Patrol Services? In addition to a stationary guard at the front desk, apartment complexes can greatly benefit from having security guards patrolling around the complex's premises. It can prevent crime from happening in the first place, which makes tenants feel safe. They can also promptly respond to criminal behaviour and prevent it from escalating into a worse situation. If you are looking for additional security patrol services to protect your properties in Calgary, contact us today to get started.


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