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Tips for Overnight Security at Your Construction Site

Overnight security on a construction site.

It's been a long, scorching hot day in July. You've put in overtime working on your construction site to meet deadlines. Your crew is exhausted, and all you want to do is take a shower, eat a good meal, and go to bed. The next day, when you come back to your job site, you find it vandalized and discover that your equipment has gone missing. Situations like this are not uncommon. That's why you need overnight security for your job site. Fortunately, we've provided you with a few tips on how to secure your job site below.

Install Security Cameras and Alarm Systems Just the sight of cameras is often enough to ward off trespassers. If that doesn't work, though, then you can use them to catch vandals and thieves. IP cameras have a wireless internet connection. This allows for a constant live feed that can be fed either to your foreman or a hired client directly. This enables them to monitor the site 24/7, even off-site. In addition to that feed, you can also install either a silent alarm or an audible alarm. This can help to notify police that someone has trespassed onto the site and act as a deterrent to the trespasser. Build a Barrier In many cases, vandals and thieves are lazy. If you make it difficult for them to get into your construction site at night, they are likely to give up. The two main barriers for a construction site are standard fences and electric fences. Both of these cost a trespasser time. At a minimum, they may have to cut through your standard fence. Alternatively, he would have to find a way through the electric fence, which can take more time. Electric fences have an additional bonus. Some versions tie into security systems, which will alert you if somebody activates or cuts the fence. Hire Overnight Security Hiring site security companies is one of the best ways to prevent overnight trespassing. There are a few different services they can provide; it's up to you to determine which you need most. First, a security company can be remote, monitoring your camera feed overnight and alerting the authorities if they catch somebody trespassing. They are limited only by blind spots in your camera placements. An additional bonus is that virtual guards can communicate with trespassers via a two-way audio system in cameras. Secondly, a security company can station security guards for construction sites. Few things deter a thief more than knowing he can be caught on-site. Furthermore, if you use security guards in tandem with a virtual monitoring system, you can almost guarantee that if a trespasser breaks into your site, they will be apprehended. Do You Need Security? If you want excellent security around your construction site at night, use these solutions. If you're looking for overnight security solutions in Calgary, we can help. Our expert security teams guarantee that your job site is safe in our hands. Contact us today to make sure your job site is safe and secure!


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