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Mobile Patrol Security Services - How to Keep Your Business and Clients Safe During These Times

Security guards looking at security footage.

Crime is on the rise. In the 3rd quarter of 2020, more than 200 robberies occurred in Calgary. More than 2,400 assaults occurred, a 16 percent increase over the five-year average. You need to keep your business safe. You can lock your doors, turn off your lights, and hide your valuables. But you should also adopt stronger measures. Mobile patrol security services watch over your business when you can't. Yet many people remain unaware of what services can do. Here is a quick guide on them.

What Mobile Patrol Security Services Offer As their name suggests, mobile patrol security services move around. They travel through and around a building, making sure everything is safe. They inspect loading docks, parking lots, and other areas adjoining a business. They check doors and windows, ensuring that a thief cannot open or break them. They can also monitor closed-circuit television, inspecting blind spots and hard-to-reach areas. Alberta requires all security guards to carry a license. To receive their license, a guard must complete a training course and pass an exam. Guards receive training on documenting a crime scene, first aid, and communication skills. By remaining visible outside a building, guards put off thieves from entering. If a thief does enter, guards rush to the scene and apprehend the suspect. They call the police and document the scene, helping convict the offender. Office Security Procedures Guards and security services can advise you on your office safety. You will need to help them to keep your office safe, following basic business security tips. You need to protect your physical and digital assets. Guards can protect you from physical threats, but you need to be smart about digital ones. Secure your Internet server with firewalls. Limit access to any of your data to essential personnel. Keep backups of all your documents offsite so you can start again after a hack. Do not open emails from addresses you don't recognize. Tell your employees that you will never ask for their personal information over email. Install anti-virus software as additional security. Buy a safe and place your valuables into it. Do an inventory of goods at the end of the day and check the inventory at the start. Train your employees for emergencies. Talk to your guards about running fire, active shooter, and evacuation drills. Provide signage for emergency exit doors and make sure your alarms work. Use keypads for all of your external locks. Change the combinations when you fire an employee or have a security problem. Do not use physical keys, which can be stolen by thieves. How to Protect Your Small Business Thieves are on the move. Hire mobile patrol security services that will catch up to thieves and keep your business safe. Services patrol in and around your building, monitoring all entry points. Guards in Calgary receive training, so they can handle any situation. Talk to your guards about what you can do to improve your safety. Practice good digital measures, securing your Internet data. Train your employees for security threats and practice evacuating the building. Find trustworthy and reliable professionals to protect you and your employees. Calgary Security Services has more than 20 years of experience in mobile patrols. Contact us today.


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