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Benefits of Security Guards for Construction Sites

Male security guard with portable radio

Construction sites are prone to burglars and vandals due to a lack of effective security measures. Replacing expensive stolen heavy equipment or destroyed raw materials at construction sites is expensive. Hiring uniformed security personnel will help you with your everyday security needs. Trained and professional security guards have experience and knowledge to protect your valuable equipment and raw materials. Count on Calgary Security Services for reliable security guard services to safeguard your property. We offer complete construction site security services to protect equipment for residential and commercial properties. We have been providing superior security services since 2000.

Have a look at some advantages of hiring security guards at your construction site: 1. Prevent Theft and Vandalism To protect your assets and investment, ensure security measures are in place. Construction equipment and raw materials are often prone to theft during off-hours. It’s not possible to move heavy machinery every day. Also, the cost of replacing the machinery will be expensive. Having security guards on-site can help deter theft and vandalism of expensive construction equipment. But in the event of an incident guards can report incidents to management and law enforcement. Hiring a security guard will also help you keep an eye on the site while the work is in progress during the day and when the site is closed for the night. 2. Visitors Access Armed security guards help prevent unauthorized visits by securing the entry and exits of the construction sites. They are provided with computer software or sign-in sheets to keep visitor and worker information on the site. They provide valid entry access for visitors as well as vehicles. The data is organized and stored and used to determine a person's details during an emergency. 3. Frequent Patrolling Security guards often patrol the construction site on foot or in a security vehicle to ensure the safety of the equipment and to check for any suspicious activity. The presence of a security guard is usually enough to deter criminals 4. Customized Reports Security guards report any unusual incidents or suspicious observations at the site. Reports also include truck and equipment movement logs. These reports will be shared with the client or the management team for further action. 5. Peace of Mind You will have peace of mind knowing your site is protected. Vendors, visitors and even the workers will feel comfortable knowing there is security in place. 6. Provide Necessary Help Along with looking for suspicious activity, security guards also perform the additional task of answering customer queries and guiding them to areas. Go through some of the additional tips to ensure the security of your construction site is top-notch. For construction site security services, hire an established company that understands your requirements. Get in touch with Calgary Security Services for 24/7 construction site security services. We also offer personalized security services and security audits to lessen the chance of corporate espionage, criminal activity or vandalism. Contact us today for construction site security services for your Calgary job site.


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