How to Tell if Your Property Needs Increased Security

If you want to ensure the security of your business or property, then there's just no substitute for highly trained and experienced security guards in Calgary. Working with a trusted security company such as Calgary Security Services can help prevent break-ins, theft, and vandalism, creating a safer property for your tenants, employees, and visitors. Security guards who make their presence known by performing regular patrols or guarding the point of entry provide a strong visual deterrent for criminal behaviour.

Even if you already have existing security systems and protocols in place, here are four signs that you could benefit from the increased security provided by security guards in Calgary:

1) You're having trouble with criminal activity on your property

Nothing signals that your property could use the added security of professional Calgary security guards than a recent break-in, theft, or incident of vandalism. If your existing security strategy did nothing to deter or stop the crime, then there's nothing to keep it from happening again. Having a security system complete with alarms, cameras, and motion sensors is certainly important and highly recommended, but these sorts of security measures require the on-site presence of security guards in order to be truly effective.

2) Crime has increased in your area

Even if there haven't been any incidences of crime on your property, you should consider increasing your security if crime is on the rise in your area. When neighbouring businesses or properties are having issues with thefts and break-ins, then your property could become a target soon as well. Try to keep an eye on updated crime statistics in your area, and browse the local headlines every day to see if any concerning activity is going on near you.

3) Your insurance rates have risen

Another indicator that crime may be rising in your area and that you should consider hiring security guards in Calgary is if your insurance rates have gone up recently. The overall safety of your neighbourhood is one of the factors that insurance providers consider when deciding on your insurance rates. If you're suddenly being asked to pay more, then give your insurance provider a call and ask whether it has to do with increased crime.

4) Your employees or tenants have raised safety concerns

Finally, make sure to listen to any safety concerns brought to you by your tenants or employees, especially in regards to suspicious activity or individuals. If people don't feel safe on your property, then you need to take the proper steps to ensure that they do.

Hire Experienced Security Guards in Calgary

At Calgary Security Services we understand that every business and property has unique needs, and we tailor our solutions accordingly. Our security guards in Calgary can help improve any aspect of your security which may be lacking, such as night time patrols or entryway protection. We even offer complete, 24-hour service. Keep your property safe and secure with the help of fully trained security guards in Calgary. Contact Calgary Security Services today.

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