How Security Companies in Airdrie and Calgary Ensure That You Have a Safe Event

Regardless of the type of event you’re planning, your guests’ security and comfort should always be a top priority. Professional security companies in Airdrie or Calgary can help:

Corporate events. Having professional security personnel at a corporate event is a must if you want to make a standout first impression. They can be as discreet or visible as you want them to be and they can provide parking lot security, monitor the guest list, control access to private areas inside the venue, help plan evacuation procedures, communicate with emergency services if required and keep disruptions to a minimum.

Weddings. The last thing you want at your wedding is to have turmoil turn your dream day into a nightmare. Unfortunately, high emotions, alcohol and long-running family feuds can be a volatile mix. Hire security companies in Airdrie or Calgary and have peace of mind knowing that disruptions will be nipped in the bud in a professional manner before they can escalate. Security personnel will also keep an eye on gifts and valuables, monitor parking and admission, and ensure evacuation and safety protocols are met.

Parties. Whether you anticipate a wild affair or a discreet corporate holiday party, security personnel can help put your mind at ease. Professional security companies in Airdrie or Calgary will make sure gate crashers are kept out, that safety, health and security protocols are heeded and that everyone has a good time… but not at other guests’ or neighbor’s expense.

Sporting events, concerts and festivals. Because of the sheer number of attendees at these types of events, you will almost certainly need security. Your athletes’, performers’ and guests’ health and security are priority number one. Security personnel should be deployed near stages and playing fields, at the gates to do bag checks and control access, in VIP areas, in the crowds, around the site and in parking lots.

Security in Numbers
Once you make the decision to use security companies in Airdrie or Calgary, the number of security guards you need for an event depends on several factors. The two most important considerations are the number of expected guests and whether alcohol is served. If there is no alcohol on the premises, then count one guard per 150 guests plus the number required for gates and doors. If alcohol is served, then one guard per 75 guests plus gates and doors is a good rule of thumb.

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