Full-Service Construction Site & Event Security in Calgary

Worried about your construction site’s overnight security? Scheduling a large concert or party? For full-service construction site and event security, contact Calgary Security Services. Our expert officers are well-trained in security and medical emergencies to protect your expensive equipment, attendees, and vendors.

Uniformed Static & Mobile Guard Services

Our onsite security officers are trained in all aspects of life safety and security. This includes training in the following security systems and situations:

  • Loading docks
  • Closed-circuit TV
  • Integrated access-control systems
  • Building environmental and operational patrols
  • Urgent situational responses to medical emergencies, fire alarms, and unauthorized access

Our construction site security for Calgary clients can be made up of mobile security, static security, or a combination of both, depending on your company’s unique needs. Our mobile patrols maintain security through marked, high-profile vehicles furnished with only the most high-tech equipment.

As part of our services, our officers attach barcodes to whatever areas the client specifies and must swipe a handheld reader to verify each patrol exit and entry. Our officers can also contact whatever emergency responders the client requests and must stay on duty until the appropriate authority relieves them.

Special Event Security

Our event security-specific officers are able to provide security, administer life-saving first aid, and function as concierges.

Physical Security Audits

At Calgary Security Services, we have access to a security professional whose formal training and experience focuses on security audits ranging from construction sites to high-rises. Choosing a security audit can lessen the chance of corporate espionage, criminal activity, terrorism, vandalism, or civil litigation.

Contact Us

We’re happy to discuss each client’s individual needs on a case-by-case basis. Contact us today at 403-250-5108 for further details about our services and to start securing your event venue or construction site today.

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