How To Determine The Right Security Guards in Calgary To Hire

So, you’re planning an event but you’re at a loss as to which security company you should hire? Don’t make the mistake of assuming all security guards in Calgary are the same! The quality of the security guards you hire in Calgary can make the difference between a successful event and a disaster.

Five Tips to Help You Distinguish a Bad Security Company From a Good One:

1. Professional appearance and equipment. Check out the company’s website. Is it professionally done? Do they have a brick and mortar address you can visit? Do they have regular office hours and somebody you can sit down with to discuss your needs? Do their guards have a professional appearance and is their equipment up-to-date and well maintained? Remember that the security personnel you hire for your event reflect on you!

2. Referrals. Don’t forget to check up on their references. And if they don’t have any, then avoid them. Any reputable company offering security guard services in Calgary will have a long list of happy clients in their Rolodex. Pinpoint the ones who had similar needs to your own and make sure they were content with the services provided.

3. Longevity. How long has the company been around? The security business is volatile and no one lasts too long if they are not able to provide good service. If a company offering security guards in Calgary has been around a number of years, it’s a pretty good indication they’re probably a cut above the rest.

4. Affiliations and licensing agencies. Is the company you are considering registered with professional organizations? If yes, this is another good sign. If not, then why not? Check with these professional and licensing agencies to find out if any complaints have been
filed against the companies you are considering. 

5. Training. The companies you’re considering should be able to give you a list of the qualifications of their security guards in Calgary. This is no small matter! The security personnel you hire for your event should be well-rounded and have gone through government-mandated training; including first aid, CPR and AAD, leadership training and security protection officer certification.

The Trusted Security Guards in Calgary

Looking for security guards in Calgary for your next event? Give us a call at Calgary Security Services! At Calgary Security Services we’ve been serving Calgary and area for over 15 years and all of our security guards are certified.

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