9 Tips for Improving Your Construction Site Security

Your construction site security, whether in Calgary, Airdrie or elsewhere, needs to be topnotch. Vast amounts of your valuable resources are located onsite. Equipment, supplies and the work itself all need to be kept safe in order to protect your investment. Vandals and thieves are always on the lookout for new prospects. Are you sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your site secure? Here are nine ways that construction companies can safeguard their valuables.

  1. Employ fencing and lighting. They act as powerful deterrents to would be thieves and vandals. Fencing can slow down a criminal to the point of reconsidering, and lighting dispels the darkness felons prefer for performing their misdeeds.
  2. Limit the site to only one access point. It’s much easier to keep track of who’s coming and going from your site when you have only one exit and entrance. Providing employees off-site parking will further limit vehicle access.
  3. Make construction site employees participants in your security efforts. Advise workers of the types of suspicious behaviours to note. Encourage them to immediately report anything that may be suspect.
  4. Inventory. Rigorously keep track of all materials you keep onsite. If something does go missing, you’ll notice sooner rather than letter, and better your chances of retrieving the item(s).
  5. Lock up materials. Never leave supplies or equipment out in the open. Instead, keep these tucked away behind closed doors, especially overnight.
  6. Make vehicles traceable and difficult to drive away. A GPS in each vehicle will allow you to track them. You’ll know when they’re operating and where they are at all times. To make vehicles difficult to drive away, install ignition cut out switches. Most importantly, keep them locked and never leave keys inside.
  7. Make delivery and installation times line up as much as possible. Windows, doors, plywood and other supplies are far less likely to be stolen after installation, so get ‘er done.
  8. Establish lock-up protocols. Have clear procedures in place (preferably in writing) for employees to follow. This should include removing keys from vehicles and locking them, securing onsite materials and bolting all entrances and exits.
  9. Hire security guards. During your hours of operation, a security guard can help monitor who comes and goes from your site. Overnight, when your site is most vulnerable, the guard’s presence acts as a deterrent and also provides an immediate responder should criminal activity commence. In Calgary and Airdrie, most security companies are trained and specialized to deal with these types of situations or environments.

Amongst security companies in Calgary and Airdrie, Calgary Security Services stands out as a leader in construction site security. We have fifteen years of experience keeping sites in and around Calgary safe from theft and vandalism. We provide you with 24/7 security that keeps you protected. Call us today to learn more.

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